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A Quick Guide to Parkpnp’s Latest Features

Whether you’re using our parking app or searching our website, we’re constantly focusing on making it as easy as possible to find parking in Dublin.

Here’s two of our new features that we know will make a big difference to both people listing their space and those looking to rent a parking space.


Our new message feature enables direct interaction between the lister and the booker. When you use our parking app in Dublin or further afield to search for a space you have the ability to contact the owner directly. Here you can ask anything about the parking rental before you book it. It will give you peace of mind that you’re booking the right space to suit your needs.

When you make a booking, you can also use the message feature to help you arrange fob collection, give more specific driving directions or provide details on where the designated parking is available once you arrive.



Notifications are a handy way to keep track of your bookings, below are a few benefits for both the lister and the booker.


It allows you to track your parking space rental so that you can keep on top of all your bookings. When you receive a booking request you will receive a notification prompting you to accept or decline the booking. Don’t worry, you will still receive an email confirmation with the booking details for your records.  


The notification section makes it easier for you to keep track of any upcoming bookings that you may have. For any bookings requests you make you will receive a notification that your request has been approved or rejected. You will still receive an email confirmation with more specific driving instructions on how to find the parking space.

Keep your eyes peeled for all the other exciting features we have coming up over the next few months. If you ever have any suggestions just drop me a mail at

Getting started is really easy, all you have to do is download our app, it’s available for iOSAndroid or register online.

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