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Author - Abhishake

pope francis in ireland

Where can I park to see the Pope?

Hurry up and park! The Pope is on the move again! Pope Francis a.k.a Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is coming to Ireland. He is scheduled to land on Irish soil at 10:30 AM on Saturday, August 25th. From the time he touches down, he will be out there meeting...

hottest parking spaces in dublin

5 Hottest Monthly Parking Spots in Dublin

Drop it like its hot! This year’s summer wasn’t the only thing that was hot for drivers in Dublin. Great deals on parking spaces have caused quite the scene in the driving community and they have spoken up about the hottest spots to park...

parking at dublin comic con 2018

Parkboy: Parking for Dublin Comic Con 2018

Live long and prosper by not getting stuck looking for parking at the Dublin Comic Con 2018 From its humble beginnings as a “Minicon” in San Diego, back in 1970, Comic-Con has now grown into an international event. Every year thousands...

ballsbridge horse show art

Parking at the Dublin Horse Show 2018

There is no time to horse around this week! Parking spaces are running out. With the Dublin Horse Show right on our doorstep, people from all over the country, NAY! all over the world are travelling to the posh Ballsbridge area to witness some of...