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The Real Cost Of Inefficient Employee Parking

Many companies have been managing their employee parking the same way for years. They have a limited number of spaces which are allocated based on seniority. It’s been working so far or has it….

We’ve decided to look at the true cost of inefficient employee parking based on a company of 250 based in Dublin City Centre with 50 parking spots.

Real Estate Cost

Parking spaces don’t come cheaply, the average cost of a parking space in Dublin city centre according to the HWBC Market Outlook coming in at €4,000. Each parking space will be assigned to one individual staff member. The total parking spend for the 50 spaces comes in at €200,000 a year.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The spaces are only used five days a week. Let’s estimate that between meetings, holidays, illness, travel and remote work each parking space is empty on average one day a week. Your company would be paying €40,000 a year simply for empty parking spaces.

Employee Retention Costs

According to Adare Human Resource Management the average staff turnover is at 11%. This means that in a company of 250 people, 28 people will leave this year.

According to research by consulting firm, up to 23 percent of workers quit jobs because of a bad commute. That means 6 people will leave the company this year due to issues with their commute. With over 60% of people in Ireland driving to work, let’s estimate 3 of these departures are due to the fact that the staff members were unable to secure parking spaces.

The average cost of replacing a staff member is €13,100. So the company will spend €39,300 replacing staff members who have left because there commute is too onerous and they weren’t recipients of company parking.

So working off the assumption that all medium to large sized companies have a couple of staff who are actively looking to move purely because they can’t handle the long commute on public transport any more.

Administrative Cost

HR staff are busy people. On average they spend 30% of their time meeting with employees and performing basic admin & operational tasks. Let’s say that 10% of this time is spent dealing with parking allocation, queries, complaints, grievances and administration. That would be 3% of your total time or 5 to 6 hours a month. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it all adds up.

The average company has 1.4 HR staff to every 100 employees. Meaning your company has 3.5 HR staff. These staff earn an average of €48,000 a year according to With a total HR wage bill of €168,000. You can expect that you’re spending €5,040 a year on parking management.

Environmental Cost

According to leading parking academic Donald Shoup the average person drives around for half a mile (800m) looking for somewhere to park. We’ve already established 60% of staff drive to work on average. So everyday 150 of your staff take their car. 50 of them have assigned space. Leaving another 100 who based on Shoup’s estimates are racking up 80km a day simply looking for somewhere around your office.

Based on average cars emissions, you are talking about adding an additional 150,000 lbs (roughly 68 tonnes) to your company’s carbon footprint. This is the equivalent of 2,000 trees or in carbon offsets around €1,100.

Total Costs

So when you look at it across all the costs inefficient employee parking would cost a company of 250 people with 50 employee parking spaces an estimated €85,440 or €1,708 per space. That’s a whopping figure.

The good news is that it’s not rocket science to start managing your space a little cleverer. ParkOffice allows you to automate the management of your employee parking, ensuring maximum occupancy, optimum employee satisfaction, reducing administrative burden and reducing your employees carbon footprint.

To see how ParkOffice can reduce the hidden cost of your parking, check out our free two week trial for a limited time only.

Daithí de Buitléir

Daithí de Buitléir

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