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Five Simple Ways To Have More Time & Reduce Stress In Your Everyday Life

park smart, save time

top tips to save time

Ever feel like you just don’t have enough time to get everything done? Your working late and then rushing to pick up a few groceries before collecting the kids. There are easier ways to manage your time. Here’s a few quick and easy tips to get your time-keeping running like clockwork:

1. Plan Your Parking

This is a great unspoken, the average motorist spends 4 days a year looking for somewhere to park. That’s almost 1.5 hours a week of driving in circles, attempting to parallel park into tiny spaces and all round general frustration.

The great news is life on the road doesn’t need to be like this. By planning your parking you can massively reduce your time in the car. A simple search before departure could be would of the most simple things you can do to radically reclaim your spare time.

Find your perfect parking space from Ireland’s largest online portfolio of parking spaces at with the added benefit of saving up to 70% on your annual parking bill.

2. Bulk Prepare Meals

In the UK, the average person spends up to 13.5 hours a week cooking. This is almost two hours a day which might sound a lot but breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert etc. it all adds up.

It’s easy to get ahead of the curve here by simple getting into the habit of prepping your food. Whether that’s a big pot of stew on a Sunday evening or simply doubling your dinner batch to make sure you always have enough for lunch. It’s simple to claw back time and money by preparing meals in bulk.

3. Delete Social Media Apps

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook can become an absolute vortex, how often do you quickly logon to check the time of an event on Facebook only to find yourself numbingly scrolling through your feed 20 minutes.

The average person spends almost two hours a day on social media and have very little to show for it. In fact many studies show that heavy social media users tend to feel much more lonely as a result. So do yourself a favour and switch of the apps. If you feel the need to keep connected save your profiles for desktop use only and check in a few times a week but make your phone a social media free haven.

4. Limit Your Phone Time

It’s so easy to lose yourself in a whirlwind of WhatsApp, getting drawn into the banter, waiting on tenterhooks for the next message but unfortunately it’s not really possible for the brain to dip in and out. All that endless checking of your phone is a waste of time and energy.

Just throw your phone onto airplane mode when you’re trying to work on something and you’ll fly through it in half the time. Then take the time to check in on what’s happening in the wider world.

5. Shop Smarter

“Just nipping out to the shop, does anybody want anything?”, how many times a week do you hear this? Be it at home or in work, there always seems to be someone going to or from the shop. All those ten minute trips here and there add up.

There are a few simple ways to cut down on your yo-yo time between shops. One way is to shop online, we buy many of the same groceries on a weekly basis, so why not save your order and have it delivered weekly with a few clicks of a button. Check out Irish company Buymie if you want to have the best choice of online shopping products.

If you prefer to shop in person, try to get it all done in one go. Stock up on perishables like milk to put in the freezer. Plan out your meals for the week ensuring you snap up enough food for all meals and snacks.

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