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Four Ways to Solve the Parking Problem for Businesses

A look at the ways in which businesses can reduce the pressure for parking from employees.

Let’s face a harsh truth. Parking for business in the city centre can be a nightmare. While a lot of businesses struggle to rent parking spaces, some businesses don’t even realise it’s a viable option. This can make employee satisfaction and retention a real struggle. Just last year St.James Hospital hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons when they removed parking privileges for staff.

This situation isn’t unique to St. James’ Hospital. It’s a common occurrence among companies in Dublin. Sixteen studies conducted between 1927 and 2001 found that, on average, 30 percent of the cars in congested downtown traffic were cruising for parking. That number has been steadily rising every year. Companies need to understand that every half hour spent looking for parking could be a half hour spent on business development. Parking has more of an effect productivity than businesses realise. By making parking easier for their employees, businesses can increase productivity, increase morale and indirectly make their business more effective.

But what about the cost? It’s easy to think that providing your employees with parking is too expensive. That it’s not worth the money but this just isn’t true anymore. While on-street parking can cost upwards of €20 a day, Parkpnp provide a much cheaper alternative. Those who want to rent parking spaces in the city centre can do so for as little as €3 a day. We provide a parking marketplace that connects businesses with parking spaces in their area.

Here are four ways we are solving the parking problem for businesses:

Short-Term Rentals.

We have spaces listed all over Dublin. Companies who need spaces for a short period of time can book instantly and have peace of mind.

Long-Term Rentals.

Companies who want to book spaces on a long-term basis can do so through our websiteiOS or Android app. The space is guaranteed and they don’t have to worry about losing their space on busy days.

Cash Free Transactions.

Companies don’t have to worry about carrying cash. All bookings are made in advance and come straight from their bank account. Everything is tracked so the business can rest easy.

Space Acquisition.

If a company needs spaces close to their business but can’t acquire any then they can contact us and we’ll find spaces on their behalf. The spaces would then go on our system and the company can book the spaces on a short or long term basis.

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