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How To Get More People To Walk to Work

The cheapest way to get to work is obviously on foot. How can an employer make walking an attractive proposition for staff members? Particularly for those who live close by. 

“Creating a culture of walking is literally a case of removing all possible barriers from the equation.”

Strolling home from work on a sunny summer’s evening is a great feeling which everyone should experience as regularly as possible. However, battling rain, wind, and snow in the middle of winter isn’t as attractive. How can companies make it as attractive as possible for staff to run the gauntlet particularly with the threat of unpredictable weather?

Wrap Them Up:

Walking to and from work can be cold and wet. Simply distributing hats and gloves to staff who walk can make a massive difference. Obviously, if you want to step things up a level you can provide stocks of rain jackets as well as waterproof trousers. This makes sure that your staff will be prepared to brave the elements regardless of the weather.

Changing Rooms:

While walking may not be as intensive as cycling, changing rooms are a small way to provide employees with a space to refresh before the workday. Although perspiration levels might be quite low, arriving to work with something as simple as wet socks can be a real deterrent for staff. Now imagine if they have experienced the full force of the elements and are dripping from head to toe, on days like this changing rooms are a necessity. 

“A game changer for staff is having space where they can dry off and get ready for the day ahead.”

This may be as simple as putting a bench in the toilets, or even changing the signs from toilet to changing room. For those willing to invest, a multi-purpose changing facility can benefit all staff members.

Additional amenities like complimentary towels within your changing rooms can remove extra stress from your employees’ lives.

Personal Storage:  

The availability of personal lockers can make all the difference for your daily walkers. If an employee knows they have their own locker, with space to store a fresh pair of clothes, they don’t have to worry about sitting in the office sopping wet all day.

Looking to encourage cycling or running, check out our handy guides.

Daithí de Buitléir

Daithí de Buitléir

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