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Managing Visitor Parking for Your Business

Solve your employee & guest parking with ParkOffice.

In the world of office politics, parking always seems to be something of a hot potato. You’ve only a limited amount of spaces and you need to keep all your staff and clients satisfied. You have staff ringing all day everyday asking is their any spare space because they need the car to collect the kids, they have to head to a meeting or they’re on the mend from an operation and public transport isn’t an option.

All the while, your clients expect a professional service, with quick and easy access. As a business, you face many difficulties when dealing with customers and making sure they are 100% satisfied. The last thing you want is your clients having an issue with parking when they are visiting your offices for whatever reason.

The big challenge is there doesn’t seem to be anyone in a hurry to let you know if they won’t be using their designated spot, even though they always seem to be empty between holidays, meetings, remote working etc.

It is nearly impossible to predict who requires a space and when they require it. Most companies spend a large amount of time completing admin work trying to liaise with clients in order to guarantee and ensure that there will be parking on hand and available for them when they arrive. Still staff are left complaining about the results. It’s a real lose lose situation.

Managing parking for your guests doesn’t need to be this difficult. In fact, it can be super simple with ParkOffice, the new parking office management software.

ParkOffice allows you to manage and allocate all staff parking in real-time. What does this mean?

With the help of technology we are able to allocate available parking to clients and visitors. It is very rare that all employees who have allocated parking will be in the office 24/7. ParkOffice monitors who is using space and when, allowing you to allocate these unused spaces to clients. Not only does ParkOffice ensure parking to clients it also makes sure that fair staff parking is available throughout the day.

This fully automated service makes it easier to satisfy customer needs, makes dealing with customers stress free and it saves time and money for employees and customers. 

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