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Parking at the Dublin Horse Show 2018

ballsbridge horse show art

There is no time to horse around this week! Parking spaces are running out.

With the Dublin Horse Show right on our doorstep, people from all over the country, NAY! all over the world are travelling to the posh Ballsbridge area to witness some of the finest horses out there. This means two things. One, there will be a lot of fancy cars there. Second, all these fancy cars are going to need a place to park. Now, we all know parking in Ballsbridge is quite hard to find. So, here are some tips on the best parking options in the Ballsbridge area for the Dublin Horse Show.

Dublin Horse Show Parking

The horse show operates a Park and Ride facility from UCD College, designated car parking facilities for disabilities and Muckross College. For further information on this check out the visitor information for the Dublin Horse Show.

Free Parking

Now let’s not kid ourselves. Free parking is almost as real as unicorns. There are some odd ones here and there but looking for it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I do salute the brave souls who venture out to look for these spaces and wish them good luck but let’s be real here. It is best to pre-book a space and pay for it.

On Street Parking

There are quite a few on-street parking available in this area as the police will be cordoning off certain sections for the show, allowing some people to use these spaces to park their car. Anglesea Road, Simmonscourt Road and Merrion Road are hotspots for on-street parking. However, I really doubt you will be able to get in there on time to get these spaces. The best chance for you to get a space is to arrive really early or better yet, camp in from the night before. The average price here is €7 per hour.

Pre- Book

The best option there is. It is secure, and you are guaranteed your own space. There are plenty of options available to prebook a space. Places like Shelbourne Avenue and Merrion Road offer great options to park your car for the show. Just select the space and request to book. The price range is around €30 per day with whole 5 day deals available in certain areas for the show.

There are a lot of options available on and you can always reach us at or call us at (01) 547 4296.

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