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The Ultimate Guide To 3Arena Parking

The tickets have been bought, your crew is ready, half-day booked from work, the last thing you need to wreck your big night out is a parking nightmare. Luckily the 3Arena has lots of parking options which cater for thousands of revellers who flock to this entertainment mecca each week.

With free parking, on-street parking, car parks and park & ride there are lots of choices. Choosing the right option can be a key factor in enjoying your night out without the constant worry about impending parking doom. Check out the key options:

Free Parking

The much sought after freebie can be a real mixed bag. If you get it that’s great for you but it can be a real detriment for local residents. If you can’t find any, you’re often left driving around winding one way streets looking to find a way to a paid space which can be very time consuming especially in rush hour traffic.

If you’re mad to source a bargain, small pockets of free parking can be found around East Wall Road & Sherriff St area but the chances that you will find that coveted spot are very slim and you’re better to plan for other options.

Car Parks

The 3Arena is luckily serviced by a number of popular car parks, mainly the Convention Centre Car Park and the Point Village car park which are both very close to the 3Arena. It really depends on personal preference.

The Convention Centre Car Park & Parkrite’s IFSC Car Parks are the cheapest options with the €10.50 concert special been a particular house favorite with regular concert goers. A short walk from the 3Arena, motorists who are looking to avoid the heavy traffic around the venue both before and after the event are best advised to look here. It’s very popular so you’re best to pre-book to guarantee a space.

If you’re looking to stay overnight Parkrite’s IFSC Car Park is great value with their overnight parking package for 3Arena only €13.65 a real hit with concert goers who don’t want to worry about collecting the car until the next morning.

The Point Village is all about location, on the doorstep of the venue offering a €12 evening rate for concert goers. Congestion can be a problem here especially before and after gigs as musical motorists compete with the everyday Dublin traffic around the East Link toll bridge.

On-Street Parking

On-street parking is available in the area although it can sometimes be difficult to find. Many of the streets would be quite poorly lit and security issues have been known to occur. Prices can go as high as €2.90 in the vicinity and topping up your parking can be a challenge if the concert runs beyond scheduled time.

Park & Ride

Some drivers don’t want to deal with the hassle of city centre parking and prefer to opt for park  & ride. The Red Cow is a popular option here with the option to fly straight into town on the Luas. Be warned the Luas can be jammed coming up to concerts and journey times will take anything up to 60 minutes.

Sharing Economy

Increasingly parkers are looking at local business and residents. Parkpnp has many options to explore with options within walking distance from less than €6 a day. You’ll need to give plenty of advance though as these spaces get snapped up early.

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