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The Ultimate Guide to Parking in Waterford

Wondering what’s the story with parking in Waterford? We’ve got all the options covered from car parks, free parking, on-street parking.

Tired of being stressed over parking? Worrying daily if and where you will find a space? Well count your lucky stars, Parkpnp have you covered with ‘The Ultimate Guide to Parking in Waterford’. Here we provide you with all the top tips for parking including free parking, on street parking, pay and display, park & ride and on-demand parking.

Traditional Car Parks

You are looking at €2-€4 an hour to park in most Irish cities. However there is a real value to have when you shop around online for parking deals. Luckily we’ve done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is book online with Parkpnp to save money and time.  

Merchants Quay Long-Stay Car Park Whether work or pleasure Merchants Quay Long-Stay Car Park is the perfect place to park in the heart of Waterford. Great hourly & daily rates with a special rates guaranteed when you book using Parkpnp app or website

  • €2 per hour
  • €4.50 per 12 hours
  • €21 per week

Merchants Quay Short-Stay Car ParkHeading shopping? In town for a meeting? Look to explore the famous city of Waterford? Merchants Quay Short-Stay Car Park is the perfect place to park in the heart of Waterford.

  • €2 per hour

Q- Park Clock TowerBook now to save up to 45%. Q-Park Clock Tower is a surface car park on the riverside in Waterford City Centre. City Square Shopping Centre and the House of Waterford Crystal are just a few minutes’ walk away. However, reservations can only be made at 9am for same day bookings

  • €0.44 per hour
  • €12 per day
  • €84 per week

Clyde Wharf Short – Stay Car Park – Clyde Wharf is perfectly situated for all the main shopping and business areas in Waterford. All day and weekly passes are available in this car park. These rates below are excluding 30cent card handling fee.

  • €2 per hour
  • €10 per day
  • €25 per week

Free Parking

Free parking is becoming increasingly more difficult to find in any city and Waterford is no different. There is actually a surprising amount of free parking available in most suburbs but finding these bad boys is a different story. Ever find yourself driving down the street searching for a parking space and watching the clock knowing you are going to be late? Well we here at Parkpnp have the solution.

It is very rare that you will come across a spot and due to this you will have one of 2 options, one spend a long period of time searching for a parking space or two, empty your wallet to pay for parking.

It’s worth noting, on-street parking is free from 6.30pm to 8.30am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday. From 9.30pm to 8.30am on Fridays and free all day Sundays.

On Street Parking

Waterford City and County Council operated Pay and Display Parking in Waterford City. When you are parking on streets in Waterford you must take note of parking signs. Pay and display tickets must be placed in the front window in the parked vehicle. There is sufficient machines provided on all streets in Waterford and it starts at €1.80 an hour. Please note around busy times on-street parking can fill up very early.

Employee Parking

Parking at or close to your work place is something that people working in the suburbs, industry facilities and schools take for granted, but it is extremely sought after by the work force in cities or larger towns.

Most companies only provided limited staff parking, however, they could be doing more. Spaces often lie idle because designated space holders are travelling with work, sick or on holidays. This results in up to 30% of spaces not being used at any given time.

ParkOffice is a market leading automation product which allows companies to allocate empty space in real-time to staff. To find out how ParkOffice can help you park more staff in the same amount of space, simply avail of the free 14 day trial.

Shared Economy

The fastest growing type of parking is being driven by the shared economy, this is not only factual for Ireland but it is happening globally. Finally, people are starting to realise the solution to the parking nightmare, that all the under- used and idle spaces outside their own homes and businesses could contribute to solving this issue.

Parkpnp is leading the explosion of shared economy parking in Waterford. They have a large spread of spaces across the county which means that Parkpnp is the solution to all your parking needs. They have deals for hourly parking as cheap as €0.44 an hour and for those bargain hunters they can snap up weekly parking from €20 a week if they act fast.

They avail of all kind of spaces, from residential to commercial and on-street to gated and underground to help you find your perfect parking space and save you both time and money.



  • I thought guides were to help people. Does not help at all, alot of writing for nothing. Waste of time reading. No wonder the parking is so bad in Waterford.

  • This was a waste of time, the headline reads ‘the ultimate guide to parking in Waterford’ yet all this post tells me is where to pay pay pay. The quay car parking is a disgusting disgraceful wasteland that needs an urgent facelift of shops restaurants and entertainment for the bewildered youth in Waterford. I came here to find out who owns all the car parking along the quays and elsewhere but this post seems to be written buy one of the owners themselves.