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Top 10 Types Of Office Parker

1. The Early Bird

Parking spaces are like gold dust in many companies, especially those within the city centre or lack of parking facilities. It is becoming more apparent that a greater proportion of employees are literally getting up at the crack of dawn to find a parking space in the office. These early birds are most likely to be seen smugly sitting at their desk from 7:15 AM and sometimes earlier. However, these same people will be seen yawning and depending on coffee to keep them getting through the day by 3:00 PM.

2. The Clampers Best Friend

We all know that one unfortunate person who never seems able to keep track of time and always seems to fall foul of the clamper. This poor soul will also tend to complain loudly about their bad luck. Because they aren’t always the best at budgeting, they fail to realise that renting a long-term parking space would allow for considerable savings on their frequent clamping bills.

3. The Free Parking Aficionado

This employee will happily spend their mornings driving around in circles in order to find the best free parking available. While on some occasions they strike gold, oftentimes they result to paying a fortune at the parking meter. One thing is for sure, they are the primary cause for every day traffic chaos. Up to 30% of traffic is caused by drivers searching for somewhere to park.

4.The Chancer

There is definitely a bit of a chancer in us all when it comes to parking, especially when we are running slightly late. No matter the day or time of the week, we all know the one office parker who will chance parking on a single, yellow line or within a yellow box just to make it to work on-time. This choice rarely tends to end well. The Chancer is always prepared for the possibility of clamps, tickets, or even tow trucks.

5. The Double Parker

This is one parker everyone hates, taking up two spaces in the office parking facility. It baffles the mind why somebody with a Mini Cooper can possibly take up two spaces. They cause absolute chaos for the entire staff who try to park. You will be guaranteed to see multiple people trying to park in the small gap left between the double parker and the person parked the other side. This will definitely include some questionable maneuvering until they finally realise it just isn’t possible.

6. The Bad Parker

This person must be related to the double parker. It isn’t only in the office parking facilities that we find this person. They are everywhere. There are those parkers in every car park that just can’t park. They either leave the nose of the car poked over the line or the rear end of the car at a diagonal, leaving parking next to them impossible.

7. Awkward Parker

Have you ever sat back and just watched some people attempt to park? Those trying to parallel park or squeeze into tight spaces are especially interesting to observe. Some people are absolutely hilarious when trying to park! Whether the taking an tricky angle or going about it completely wrong, Awkward Parkers are the most entertaining office parkers. You are guaranteed to witness them make the smallest maneuvers back and forth for a considerable amount of times. Somehow, they either manage to squeeze into the spot or realise their luck is up and try the same method in a secondary space.

8. The Disability Hogger

It is absolutely awful to say it, but there are plenty of people out there with no respect for the disabled spaces. Some are just sheer lazy and upon finding an empty disabled spot will take it for themselves. This leaves the space unavailable to someone who genuinely needs it.

9. The Free For All

Is there anything worse than trying to pull out of a space and realise someone has just abandoned their car in the middle of the exit lane? Well, imagine dealing with that on a daily basis in an office environment. I’m sure we can all name that one person who is running late and just deserts their car sans parking space. This person will park right behind you, blocking your exit until they are ready to let you leave. Is this the person we all hate most?

10. The Late Parker

We have all heard of the person who arrives at the crack of dawn to ensure they find a parking spot. Well, how about the person who arrives just in the nick of time or late for work every day but somehow manages to find a parking spot? The late parker or the lucky parker, you be the judge of that one.


Parking at work doesn’t need to be a nightmare. The great news is ParkOffice is a world-leading office parking management automation software which allows companies to:

  • Increase employee happiness and retention.
  • Maximise occupancy by parking cars when key staff is out of the office.
  • Reduce the administrative burden of parking management.
  • Ensure your company is only paying for the parking spaces they need.
  • Reduce your employees’ carbon footprint by allowing them to travel more responsibly.

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