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Top Tips For Recruiting New Drivers To Your Car Park

For years car park owners and operators have been recruiting drivers with one tried and tested method – signage.

However, as drivers increasingly are shopping around online for better parking options, how can you ensure your car park is attracting more than its fair share of new drivers.

Online Presence: ensuring your car park has the best online presence can be tough.

Car park owners must ask themselves, “Does my car park need a website?”

However, ensuring a strong presence is a must. Drivers are using the internet more and more to figure out the best places to park. With Parkpnp you can maximize your online presence for free in seconds. Advertise your location to drivers actively looking for better parking options.

Payment Options: Make it easy for the driver to pay for parking. There is nothing more frustrating than finding that perfect spot and realizing that you won’t be able to pay for it. Cash is slowly moving out and drivers around the world are looking for easier methods of payment. Apps like Parkpnp allow drivers to make easy payments securely through their platform. This keeps the drivers happy as they don’t have to worry about cash, and it keeps the car park providers happy as well as they get access to a secure and quick method of receiving payment.

Word of Mouth: The rigid structure of car park tariffs make it very hard for car parks to run the sort of price promotions which capture the imagination of consumers in other industries. Parkpnp can change this, allowing car parks to have fluid pricing structures to stimulate demand. How about trying out a Summer Madness promotion where all parking is half price? Or run local retailer promotions coming up to Christmas? Parkpnp can automate all this for you, taking out all the hassle, while getting people talking about your parking space.

To start recruiting new drivers to your car park head to parkpnp.com or email [email protected].

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  • While it may be tempting to park in unauthorized or restricted areas for convenience, doing so can put your vehicle at risk of being towed or fined. Always adhere to parking regulations and park only in designated parking spaces to avoid potential penalties and ensure the safety of your vehicle.