About Parkpnp

First things first, we're Irish owned and we couldn't be prouder!
Founded in 2015, Parkpnp has grown from strength to strength.

Our Mission

We aim to revolutionise the way people park. We also want to decrease congestion in city centres and lower carbon emissions by reducing driving time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring parking into the next era. We want to make parking easier for both parking providers and parking users. By designing ways to find, reserve and pay for parking, we make your life easier and city driving more accessible.

What do we do?

Parkpnp is the answer to all your parking problems.

There are billions of parking spaces all over the world in car parks, hotels, shopping centre, businesses and homes. In fact, experts believe there are upwards of 4 parking spaces for every car. So why can nobody ever find a place to park?

By cataloguing & connecting drivers with all the available parking spaces in their area, Parkpnp simplifies the parking process, allowing drivers to search, book and pay for 10,000s of parking spaces in seconds.

By unlocking the value of under-utilised spaces, Parkpnp increases revenue for all types of parking space owners from multi-story car parks, local governments to individual homeowners. Advantages for drivers include a wider choice, savings of up to 70% and the convenience of paying for parking all through their phone.

Simply, Parkpnp brings you a click away from your perfect parking space.

The real winner are our cities. As the number of cars driving aimlessly looking for parking decreases so does congestion. While as motorists connect more efficiently with parking spaces, communities can start to reclaim surplus space for new bicycle lanes, homes and businesses.

Park smarter with Parkpnp.

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