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Avoiding Dublin’s Parking Nightmare

Parking in Dublin can be an absolute nightmare at the best of times. Talk to anyone who must navigate through the busy streets and watch them recoil in horror as they describe trying to find a good space that isn’t a rip off. If you’re frustrated at the parking situation in Dublin then you’re not alone.

Here’s a statistic that will blow your mind:  Six motorists in Dublin have had their vehicles clamped over 50 times over the past four years, costing them at least €4,000 each in parking fees. The vehicles of another 55 motorists were clamped between 21 and 50 times since 2013 These astonishing figures show that parking in Dublin is a serious problem that hasn’t been addressed until now.

New figures show there are more than 2,000 other persistent parking offenders in the city representing around 3% of all motorists who had their vehicles clamped last year. The annual report by Dublin City Council’s parking appeal officer reveals that 2,048 motorists have been clamped between five and 50 times since 2013. A further 11,608 vehicles were clamped between two and four occasions over the same period. The parking appeals officer, Bill Kielthy, said it was clear that for the 2,000-plus motorists who had been clamped more than five times that current clamp fees were not an effective deterrent. For those of you who are worried about being clamped, here’s a list of the most clamped areas in Dublin.

The ten most clamped areas in Dublin are:

With stats like that it’s no wonder that people have issues with the parking situation in Dublin. However, there is a solution. Parkpnp has over 10,000 parking spaces on our platform that can be booked at the touch of a button. We provide businesses and individuals with the peace of mind that they’ll always have a parking space available and they don’t have to worry about somebody taking their space.

We’re also helping commuters save up to 70% on their parking. Some of the spaces we have on the system are ridiculously cheap compared to on street and commercial parking. We’re helping commuters save time, save money and save headaches by providing them with quality, affordable parking spaces across Dublin.

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