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Parkboy: Parking for Dublin Comic Con 2018

parking at dublin comic con 2018

Live long and prosper by not getting stuck looking for parking at the Dublin Comic Con 2018

From its humble beginnings as a “Minicon” in San Diego, back in 1970, Comic-Con has now grown into an international event. Every year thousands of fans from around the world flock to the grounds of the Irish Comic-Con in the Convention Centre in Dublin. This means that there will be a lot of cars there and even Thanos can’t flick his wrist to make it go away. This kind of beast needs its own superhero. Enter, Parkboy! A regular guy working for a start-up during the day and solving parking problems at night.

Dublin’s congested roads cause a lot of parking problems and evil super villains like The Clamper hound the streets, looking for innocent cars to clamp. It is up to Parkboy to come and rescue these cars from a doomed end. This year, Parkboy has a new mission on his hand as The Clamper is planning to hit every car during the busy Comic-Con days. He has decided to issue a public service announcement to let everyone attending the event know about the various parking options available around the area and stay away from The Clampers weapon of choice, The Clamp.

Free Parking

Earlier today Parkboy went around the Convention Centre area to check out all the places where you could park for free. Turns out there are none. If you are looking for free parking, the best option is to leave the car at home. Because nowhere around the Convention Centre is safe for free parking. Parkboy thinks there should be big signs there that say “Park at your own risk”, to warn innocent drivers.

On Street Parking

There are some on-street parking options available. East Wall Road, Mayor Street Lower and Excise Walk have parking options for €7 per hour. Parkboy did his due diligence and checked out these places to see if they were safe enough to park. Turns out they are. But he was worried about one thing. There might not be enough spaces to accommodate cars that arrive and want to park immediately. Attendance numbers are usually huge at Comic-Con events with over 19,000 people attending last year’s event. This means that these on-street parking spaces will be gone long before the event even starts. The best option for everyone is to pre-book a space in advance so you are guaranteed a spot.

Pre Book Parking At Nearby Car Parks

There are a plethora of options to park in and around Comic-Con this year. They are all secure as well so Parkboy has a little help from the good parking operators of Dublin as they work their hardest to prevent The Clamper from clamping innocent vehicles. The best option would be the IFSC Car Park which is only a 3-minute walk away from the event. The hourly rate here is €3.99 but there are also other options like an all-day option at €14 and a student deal at €10.50.

“But wait, this can’t be the only option”, says Parkboy. “There has got to be more parking options!”

With his supervision, Parkboy spots a safe haven for drivers just across the river. The Q-Park Grand Canal Square Car Park. Located right below the Bord Gais theatre, this car park has more than 150 spaces at your disposal. They have 24-hour parking rates at €24 and an evening deal from 6 PM to midnight at €13. This car park is just 7 minutes away from the event.

Another option that is available is the Q- Park Clerys car park on Marlborough Street. They have very good deals at €20 for the entire day and a daytime deal at €17 from 9 AM to 7 PM. This is just a 15-minute walk from the event.

Private Spaces

There is nothing more inspiring than locals helping out a hero. People of Gotham helped out the Dark Knight in his fight against Bane and we all know how that turned out. In the same way, the people of Dublin have teamed up with Parkboy to provide their own driveways and parking spaces for drivers to park in. However, spaces are limited so make sure to book fast on

The Convention Centre will allow fans to park in their car park on a first come first serve basis but won’t allow pre-booking at this point. There are a lot of options available on and you can always reach us at or call us at (01) 547 4296.

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