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The Ultimate Guide to Parking in Cork

What is the most stressful part of your daily experience driving, whether it be to work or simply nipping to the shop? If parking is your answer don’t worry Parkpnp have all the top tips and tricks with ‘The Ultimate Guide to Parking in Cork’, in order to make your daily life slightly more stress free. We provide tips on the best parking options in Cork from free parking, car parks, pay and display and long-term parking.

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Free Parking

Free parking in any city is hard to come by come and Cork is not an exception. There is a lot of free on- street parking outside peoples homes, however this requires luck in getting one of these spaces that are most often filled 24/7. If you are willing to walk a considerable amount of time into the city it is worth a shot.

The main issue here is with finding a lucky spot that is not guaranteed, it will require you waking up at all hours in order for you to secure your spot. If that space has already been grabbed on your arrival you will be left with one of 2 options. Option one, spend a considerable amount of time hoping and searching for another desirable area to park your car, which could leave you late. Or option 2, emptying your wallet.

It is worth noting, the city does free up after 6.30pm and on Sundays with free parking widely available in the council owned parking spaces.

Traditional Car- Parks

There are lots of options for secure, multi-storey car parks in Cork city centre, which are the perfect launchpad for discovering what Cork has to offer.

Q-Park St. Finbarrslocated on the riverbanks and close to CIT Crawford College of Art and Design. This car park will provide safe and secure parking with 24/7 access for drivers. Online bargains with Parkpnp include:

Q-Park City Hall – located adjacent to the historic City Hall building, this car park is perfect for people looking to discover the city or who need parking close to the nearby South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital Cork.

Q- Park Grand Parade – This parking facility is located in the heart of the historic quarter of Cork. This is located a stone’s throw away from the English Market, Berwick Fountain and the National Monument. However, reservations must be made before 9am on the day of booking.


Q- Park Carrolls QuayIf you are looking to be close to the banks of the River- Lee, within a walking distance of the Cork Opera House and Merchants Quay Shopping, Q- Park Carrolls Quay is the ideal parking for you. Book online with Parkpnp to save.

On Street Parking

Charges apply with on street parking in Cork. On most street parking charges apply during times which are displayed on the Information Plate on each street. Usually, parking charges apply between the hours of 8:30 and 18:30, although some streets are charged up until 20:30. Times vary depending on the street in question, some streets in the city centre do not allow parking between 11:00 and 17:00. It is mandatory that you check the Information Plate as it not only advises permitted parking times but it also advises how long you are permitted to park in the space or parking bay, for example up to 1 hour or 2 hours.

Cork City have introduced set down spaces across the city centre, these spaces are located on South Mall, Grand Parade, Parnell Place, Drawbridge Street and Cornmarket Street. These set-down spaces allow you to park for free but you will only have 15 minutes parking in this space. They have set systems in place that each of these spaces will be monitored.

Employee Parking

Parking at or close to your work place is something that people working in the suburbs, industry facilities and schools take for granted, but it is extremely sought after by the work force in cities or larger towns.

Most companies only provided limited staff parking, however, they could be doing more. Spaces often lie idle because designated space holders are travelling with work, sick or on holidays. This results in up to 30% of spaces not being used at any given time.

ParkOffice is a market leading automation product which allows companies to allocate empty space in real-time to staff. To find out how ParkOffice can help you park more staff in the same amount of space, simply avail of the free 14 day trial.

Shared Economy

Across Ireland it is becoming more apparent that shared economy is the fastest solution to all our parking nightmares. People are beginning to understand that we can solve this problem by using the idle parking spaces in front of homes and businesses daily.

Parkpnp is leading the explosion of shared economy parking in Cork. Without a doubt Parkpnp is a one stop shop for your parking needs as it provides a wide range of parking facilities across Cork city. Prices start from as little as €0.54 an hour and bargains can be snapped up for weekly parking as cheap as €20 per week.

We provide a variety of spaces from residential to commercial and on-street to gated and underground. If you are looking to find the cheapest and most reliable parking then it is definitely worth checking out Parkpnp, on our website or via our app to save both time and money.



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