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The Ultimate Guide to Parking in Limerick

Find best places to park in Limerick

Tired of spending hours a week in desperate search of parking spaces? Is it your most hated part of the day? Do you regret even having the burden of a car or not living within walking distance of your work? Well worry no further, Parkpnp are here with all the top tips in order to make your driving experience slightly more bearable. Our tips include free- parking, on- street parking, pay and display and on-demand parking.  

Traditional Car Parks

When parking in most city centres you are facing a charge of between €2- €4 an hour. The real value in the world of car parks is when you pre book online in order to snap up deals which you can save up to 50%. Lucky for you, we here at Parkpnp have all the hard work done to help you save some money.

Q-Park Henry Street – This car park is located in a safe and secure area in the centre of Limerick, it is a short walk away from attractions like The O’Connell Monument, Limerick City Gallery of Art and The Red Church. If you book online now at Parkpnp you can save up to 45% on your hourly parking. Reservations for this car park can only be made before 9am for same day bookings

Steamboat QuayYou can now park in these fantastic spaces at the Clayton Hotel in Limerick for as little as €8.50 per day. They are located in the heart of Limerick and are within a walking distance of The Dock Clock, restaurants and shops. You have the option of booking these spaces on a weekly basis or a longer term contract basis for businesses or individuals.

Q-Park Harveys Quay – This car park is in the heart of Limerick and is connected to Dunnes Stores. This safe and secure facility is a short walk away from Thomond Park, The Hunt Museum, Limerick City Museum and the famous Milk Market.

Reservations must be made before 9am on the same day of booking.

Arthurs QuayThis safe and secure multi-storey car park is located in the centre of Limerick City. It is located beside Pennys, Debenhams, Brown Thomas & Tesco.

Free Parking

There is some very good benefits with free parking however it comes with its downsides as well.

You are able to come across a lot of free on-street parking mainly in the suburbs, although these parking spaces are usually outside people’s homes where Pay & Display haven’t been put in place yet.

There are a few issues with free parking. First of all it is a daily space race, people are waking up at all hours in the morning to secure a space but on arrival realising that their space has been snapped up. This is leaving drivers with no other option to fork out heaps of money on parking elsewhere.

The second issue is the security of their vehicle. It is becoming an everyday part of life that commuters are returning to their vehicle only to find that it has been damaged or marked and most of the time there is no security available to find the culprit.

On – Street parking

Limerick is one of the cheapest in the country when it comes to parking. Parking is available from 50c for 30 minutes or €1 an hour. Although with prices this low and maximum parking limits you are not always guaranteed spaces will be available.

Limerick County Council have put in place free parking on Sundays and overnight parking deals in off street car parks, they offer rates for as little as €5 per night.

Employee Parking

Parking at or close to your work place is something that people working in the suburbs, industry facilities and schools take for granted, but it is extremely sought after by the work force in cities or larger towns.

Most companies only provided limited staff parking, however, they could be doing more. Spaces often lie idle because designated space holders are travelling with work, sick or on holidays. This results in up to 30% of spaces not being used at any given time.

ParkOffice is a market leading automation product which allows companies to allocate empty space in real-time to staff. To find out how ParkOffice can help you park more staff in the same amount of space, simply avail of the free 14 day trial.

Shared Economy

People are starting to realise that we have a serious issue on our hands when it comes to parking and the demand that comes with it. Globally the fastest growing type of parking is being driven by the shared economy. The idle and under-used parking spaces outside homes and businesses could be the solution to our parking nightmares.

Parkpnp is leading the way of shared economy parking in Limerick, we provide the largest variety of cheap and affordable parking in many locations with spaces including commercial, residential, on-street and underground. Without a doubt Parkpnp are a one stop shop for your parking needs. We have hourly parking available for as little as €0.32 an hour and if you act quickly you can snap up parking for as little as €20 a week.

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