About Parkpnp

Parkpnp is on a mission to organise the world’s parking. Founded in 2016, Parkpnp has grown into a market leading parking technology company across the world.

Our Products

Parkpnp Marketplace

Parkpnp’s first offering was the Parkpnp marketplace, a one-stop shop which allows all types of parking space owners to connect with motorists in need near them. Our unique approach allows local governments, parking companies, hotels, real estate companies, local businesses & home owners to make money from their parking space.
By providing motorists, with the widest selection of spaces in the market, Parkpnp ensures drivers the best value & most convenient parking choices. Saving drivers up to 70% on the cost of parking and valuable time they would otherwise spend driving around looking for a spare space.

Parkpnp’s marketplace is trusted by 40,000+ drivers all over the world.

To learn more about Parkpnp’s marketplace, find your perfect parking space here.


ParkOffice was launched in 2018 to solve the growing office parking problem. Parkpnp’s marketplace was inundated with corporate clients looking for additional space to statisfy employee demand. Having worked with numerous clients, Parkpnp realised that many clients looking for extra space had plenty of capacity in their existing car parks, however, this space often lay empty as assigned staff members didn’t use the space due to holidays, meetings, illness etc.

Our cutting edge tech team developed ParkOffice in response to this growing need in the market. ParkOffice is rapidly setting a new standard in office parking management by allowing companies to automate the allocation, occupancy and management of their car parks. ParkOffice can save companies up to 30% on their annual parking costs while increasing occupancy.

To find out how ParkOffice can change the way your company parks, schedule a demo.

Our Story

Parkpnp was launched in 2016 by entrepreneurs Garret Flower and Daniel Paul. Funded by Powerscourt Capital, BVP Investments & Enterprise Ireland, Parkpnp organises parking for some of the world’s largest space owners such as Q-Park, Euro Car Parks & IHG.

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