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The Ultimate Guide To Parking In Utrecht

Wondering handiest way to get around Utrecht with your car? We’ve got all the parking options sussed.

Getting around Utrecht can be a nightmare. Trying to navigate all the parking options can cause a bit of a headache. From free parking, on-street parking, monthly parking, pay and display, park & ride and on-demand parking we’ve got all the options sussed in the most complete guide to parking in Utrecht on the internet.

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Traditional Car Parks

Most city centre car parks charge between €3.50 – €4.50 an hour. With many offering special deals if you book for longer periods.

Some of the most popular locations owned by private car park companies include:

Interparking’s Springweg Car Park which starts from €6 an hour (€4,80 per 60 min, € 2 per 25 min) is one of the biggest car parks in the city with a whopping 409 (414) spots and is ideally positioned for those who are looking to visit Museum Speelklok, St Martin’s Cathedral and other inner city attractions. (near the old/original shopping area, University of Utrecht)

Interparking’s Hoog Catharijne Car Park is a massive parking complex located right beside Utrecht Centraal. With 2,000+ spaces across 6 garages, they cater for a massive amount of motorists with prices from €3,50 an hour, maxing out at €36 a day.

With 320 spots, P1’s Kop Van Lombok Car Park is a slightly better value option if you are happy to park a little further away from Utrecht Centraal. With prices starting at €2,68 an hour.

As you move a little further from the heart of Utrecht their is P1”s massive Jaarbeurs car park, which has 2,000+ spaces just off Graadt van Rogenweg. The spaces right beside teacher training college Hogeschool Damstad start from €4 per hour.

While the local government also own a number of small short stay car parks across the city. Some of the options include Schouwweteringstraat, Lauwerecht 51, Gietershof which are all close to University of the Arts Utrecht HKU with prices starting from €2,58 per hour. De Blieckstraat, Vermeulenstraat are two other popular options close to Griftpark with pricing again from €2,58 per hour.

On-Street Parking

On-Street parking in Utrecht is limited and hence prices are quite expensive, running as high as €4,65 in central areas. The price of parking reduces the further you go from the city centre. It is worth noting in spite of high prices, accessing space can be quite difficult during peak times with demand still being very high. There is no restriction with regard to parking duration.

Free Parking

Free parking can be a really love\hate affair. It’s great when you can find it but it can be a parking nightmare when you don’t. Studies show up to 30% of traffic is caused by people driving around looking for somewhere to park.

The good news when it comes to Utrecht is that there are some free parking available. The bad news is that it fills up really quickly and is only available during very limited timeframes. Most of the free parking is owned by the local government and can only be accessed out of peak hours.

In regards to parking garages, you will be far away from the action but if you’re looking for free parking popular options include Florence Nightingalelaan which is free after 2pm Monday – Friday. Oppenheimplein also has 60 spots which are available for use free of charge. Many supermarkets across the city also offer free parking but this is generally limited to customers only.

Sourcing on-street parking for free can be a lot more difficult, although in many areas most of like the Westplein area, on-street local government parking is available for use free of charge from 11PM until 9AM the next morning. Please bear in mind with on-street parking there is additional security concerns. Particularly in poorly lit areas.

Employee Parking

This is the undoubted ideal scenario for commuters. Many employees working in suburbia, schools, holy places and offices land on their feet with free parking at their workplace.

However, most organizations don’t have enough space for their staff and are increasingly looking to the local neighbourhood to source extra spaces.  Parkpnp has a large database of under-utilised parking spaces across the Netherlands and offer a comprehensive service which can massively businesses looking to unlock extra parking space to grow.

Park & Ride

Utrecht’s Park & Ride portfolio is quite extensive with options coming in around €5 per day including transfer. The P + R car park parks are situated in the outskirts of the city and offer bus and tram connections to the heart of the city. Utrecht’s four main P + R car parks are Westraven, De Uithof, Papendorp and Muziektheater.

Shared Economy

Across the Netherlands, shared economy parking is growing rapidly. Residents across Utrecht and similar cities are starting to realise that all the under-used spaces which lie idle beside houses and business can be used to help solve local parking issues.

Parkpnp is leading the growth of shared economy parking across Utrecht. All kinds of spaces are available from residential to commercial. It’s definitely worth checking out the options to find your perfect parking space, saving you time and money.