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Does My Car Park Need An App?

Apps are everywhere and every business out there wants their own version on everyone’s phone. But is it really important for every business to have one?

Apps look cool and can be really powerful tools for car parks, providing information, processing bookings and payments and opening a communications channel with customers. However, people are precious about what apps they have on their phone. Apps need to be easy to use and super useful to earn a place on your average phone or tablet.

A few years ago it was all the rage for owners and operators to spend a chunk of cash developing their own apps but they more often than not ran into three key challenges.

i) Experience

App users are used to super slick experiences from Airbnb, Uber and Deliveroo. They expect easy to use products. Clunky outsourced apps which aren’t regularly maintained and have lots of bugs are never going to capture the imagination of digital natives.

ii) Cost

One can get a new app built for a few thousands euros. The problem is it won’t be particularly functional. Building a new app that people will use is super expensive, many big companies have stretched into the millions trying to come up with cool parking apps and still haven’t caught the imagination of the wider public.

iii) Distribution

Getting people to download an app can be tough especially when it comes to parking. Unless somebody is a really heavy user of your car park they won’t download the app. Otherwise they’d need a separate app for every car park they use.

With tangible benefits to have an app, car park owners and operators are increasingly looking to companies like Parkpnp to get the benefits of an app without the capital outlay or the difficulties of getting up and running.

Parkpnp can allow car park owners to offer the following services through our app for no set up cost.

  • Advertise spaces to a ready made audience of motorists.
  • Accept real-time payments through the app.
  • Integrated with leading hardware systems to automate remote access.

The future of parking is definitely mobile. By leveraging market leading services like Parkpnp car park owners can create frictionless parking experience for significantly less cost.

If you’d like to introduce Parkpnp to your car park today head to parkpnp.com or email [email protected].

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