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Five Top Tips to Increase Your Earnings with Parkpnp

Wondering how to turn your lookers into bookers and boost your revenue with Parkpnp. Here’s our top five tips to get guest’s attention and boost your earnings.

1. Offer a great deal

Experimenting with price is key to attracting bookings. Low prices attract bookers, once the bookings begin to flow it’s easy to raise prices and find your perfect price point. Remember empty spaces don’t make money.

2. Show off your space

Your photos are a booker’s first impression of your space.You can upload as many pictures as you feel fit. Make sure your space looks clean, safe and well-kept.

Here’s two types of pictures that we recommend you take:

i) A picture from the approach to help driver find your space.

ii) A close up picture of your space so that the driver knows exactly where to park.

3. Details make the difference

Make your description attractive, detailed, and informative. Clearly explain what makes your space unique. Are you close to bus routes, LUAS stops, the airport? Any big office spaces around the corner? Do you specialise in long-term storage?

4. Keep in contact

On average, bookers reach out to 3 different listers before they book. The longer you wait to respond to a message, the more likely they are to book with someone else. To stay on top of messages, download the Parkpnp mobile app, it’s available for iOS, Android.

5. Try it before you buy it

Many drivers love to try a space out for a day before committing to a longer term stay. If you don’t have a fob to worry about make sure you’re spaces are available for hourly and daily bookings.

Get started today at Parkpnp.com.


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