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Have a spare parking space near Crumlin Hospital? Donate it to those in need

Online parking marketplace Parkpnp has teamed up with CMRF Crumlin to launch a pilot scheme aimed at providing parking spaces for patients regularly attending Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin. The scheme will see homeowners and businesses donate their spare parking spaces to families with sick children.

With thousands of children attending the hospital on an annual basis, parking is limited on site.  This new scheme being piloted by the CMRF will assist some families with a complimentary car space during their stay at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin. The scheme will not only benefit families in need but also help traffic in the area by reducing the number of cars driving around in circles looking for parking.

Speaking about the scheme Lisa-Nicole Dunne, CEO of CRMF Crumlin said “This is a lovely concept, and if it can help a small number of families by relieving the added challenge that parking can add to their worry, we are keen to try it.”

Parkpnp Global CEO Garret Flower remarked “Parkpnp has grown from an idea into a world-class service which is solving the parking problem for tens of thousands of motorists across Europe. I love seeing our product being used to make such a difference to families in need and I’m really excited to seeing this partnership blossom”.

 To get involved residents and homeowners can fill out the form below:


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