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How Much Can I Earn From My Parking Space? Dublin 1-8

Ever wonder how much you can make by renting out your driveway or parking space in Dublin?

So Parkpnp has been live in the Irish market for a little over 15 months. In that time we’ve built a portfolio of 15,000 parking spaces across the country. However one of the biggest questions we get is “how much can I get by renting out my parking space?”

In this article, we’re going to give an exclusive insight into the average annual earnings of parking spaces across Dublin 1 to Dublin 8. Giving you an idea of what you could earn from your space.

Location                                                        Average Annual Earnings
Dublin 1                                                                            €1,055.74
Dublin 2                                                                            €1,675.41
Dublin 3                                                                            €921.78
Dublin 4                                                                            €1,469.43
Dublin 5                                                                            €289.73
Dublin 6                                                                            €981.04
Dublin 7                                                                            €889.97
Dublin 8                                                                            €1,042.99


As you’d expect Dublin 2 with high demand parking areas such as Mount Street, Fitzwilliam Square and Merrion Square top the pile with the average lister netting a cool €1,675.41 a month.

Dublin 4 is next in line with the Ballsbridge and areas around Baggot St, Burlington Road, and Leeson St being particularly popular areas with parkers.

What’s very interesting is the real demand for suburban areas with areas like Ranelagh, Rathmines, Smithfield, Drumcondra, Fairview and Kilmainhaim all showing very high earning potential for people with renting spaces to rent.

To start making the most of your empty space, sign up to Parkpnp and list your space for free.


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