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How To Make Money By Renting Your Driveway

Making money from your driveway can be really easy. Here’s a quick overview of how you can rent your driveway or spare parking space.

Decide What Suits

The beauty about renting out your parking space is that you’re the boss. You decide who, what and when you want people to park in your spare space. If your space is only available at weekends or during working hours. That’s no problem you can stipulate what works best for you.

Obviously the greater your availability, the greater your chances of getting some meaty bookings but that is not to say some extra weekend income wouldn’t come in handy if that is what suits.

Maximising Income

Obvious like any form of real-estate making the big bucks comes down to location and availability. A secure underground parking space in an apartment block in Dublin 2 is going to earn a lot more than a driveway in the suburbs. That doesn’t mean that all spaces don’t have a unique value. It’s all about finding yours.

In true Irish fashion it’s worth checking what the neighbours are doing using Parkpnp’s search function. You can check what people are looking for in your area, by logging onto their profiles you can also see their availability. If the spaces are unavailable this more than likely means they have been booked and that there is a demand at this pricepoint.

From working with thousands of home-owners across Ireland, Parkpnp has noticed that residential spaces tend to make the most money when they are priced very competitively for the monthly commuter market. Business people who drive into your area every day for work are often looking for a guaranteed space which is cheaper than traditional parking.

Finding The Right Renter

Finding the right person for your parking space can be really tough. There are hundreds of thousands of motorists buzzing around Irish roads every day, how can you connect with someone looking for spaces in your area.

This is the hard bit and where Parkpnp really goes into overdrive. Parkpnp is Ireland’s number one destination for drivers looking for somewhere to park. With the largest choice in the market, motorists flock to the website & apps on a daily basis looking to find their perfect place to park.

From nurses and accountants to vintage car clubs and ex pats there are all sorts of people looking for places to park their cars for short and long term. Parkpnp is your best chance to find the perfect person for you.

Manage Your Relationship

Parking is not like Airbnb, you don’t need to be constantly meeting up with people for check-ins and check-outs. Especially if you focus on the monthly market, you’ll find it to be a very hands-off process. Many home-owners meet their renter once to exchange fobs for underground apartment complexes and hear nothing from them until the booking finishes. Often times this might be a few months or even years depending on what suits you best.

Parkpnp has all the tools you need to keep the fuss to a minimum, the app has built in messaging features which allow you to seamlessly communicate with both renters and prospective renters. While the payment solution automatically transfers your earnings straight to your bank account on the completion of the booking.


Parkpnp are the market leaders when it comes to renting out your parking space. Access Ireland’s largest community of parking hunters within minutes. You can sign up and list your space for free while our cutting edge platform allows you to manage all aspects of communication and payment all in one place.


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