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Renting Parking Spaces is the Future

Getting bookings with Parkpnp – it’s not all about commuters.

I’d never thought of an empty car parking space as a means of creating extra cash. Between trimming the grass and plucking weeds, it’s easy to forget just how much potential profit is sitting outside your doorstep quite literally. It’s easy to think that not every space is suitable for parking. The fact is however, all spaces are suitable for some style of parking.

It could be long-term car-parking, car storage, commuter parking or event parking. Literally you’d be  surprised at who needs somewhere secure to park their car on any given day in your area.

On my first week working in Parkpnp I came across an underground parking space in a quiet suburban area. I foolishly thought it would have little or no value to anyone. I had viewed other car parking to rent and most of it was in areas where on-street parking was scarce, in high demand and cost too much. People offering spaces close to park and ride Dublin, Luas, Dart and other central amenities.

This area had a few garage parking for rent and I remember thinking why would you put parking to rent in this area. It was miles away from the city centre, had no places of interest close by and was free to park on the street.

The lister in fairness was very clever. He realised the limitations of the space and looked at what other parking garages to rent were offering and looked to see what he could do differently.

Within a few weeks of listing, the lister dropped me a message to thank me for my help. They managed to secure a listing, I was shocked. The space had been snapped up by a classic car collector looking for cheap storage for one of his collection. Parkpnp allowed him to advertise the space, found him a tenant and manages the monthly payments.

Every year around 100,000 new cars are sold in Ireland, but that is only a small section of the market and I’d never considered the parking needs of the wider market. Garages, collectors, car clubs, people who don’t live in the country full-time, even motorbike users, parking spaces have value but need to be targeted at the right person.

The lister is now looking to build his portfolio and already has listed a couple of similar spaces on behalf of neighbours and friends and is actively pursuing multiple spaces.

Getting started is really easy, all you have to do is download the for iOS or Android or register online.

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