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Top 3 Parking Trends That Are Disrupting Parking

Parking is changing. Technological capabilities, consumer demand and urbanization means the industry needs to change and rapidly.

Leading smart cities are increasingly turning to industry to solve their congestion and space management conundrum. Increasingly, there is a push towards creating an integrated parking ecosystem where aspects like parking enforcement, permit management and parking payments are all interconnected through digital devices. This makes it easier for car parking companies and drivers to manage their resources efficiently.

While the deployment of smart parking technologies has been on the rise, the real innovation is being made by car park owners in implementing better parking solutions.  Here are some of the latest trends in parking:

Connected parking devices: Today’s driver is extremely tech savvy and is more adept at using new and innovative technologies to save time and money. To do so, drivers download car parking apps on their smartphones to connect with parking spaces around the city. Apps like Parkpnp have allowed car park owners to list their parking spaces on a universal marketplace where drivers and car park owners are all connected on one single platform. Improving mobility for drivers who can now find spaces on the go.

Digital payments: The world is moving away from cash transactions, a whole emerging generation of young drivers don’t carry cash with them anymore. This means it is becoming increasingly imperative for car parks to offer cashless mobile payments options. Parkpnp offers industry leading digital payments, allowing motorists to seamlessly pay for parking in real-time using their phone anywhere, anytime.

Remote Access: Gaining remote access to parking devices gives car park operators an edge when it comes to staying ahead of the traffic. Increasingly industry leaders are looking for integrated hardware which allow users to enter & exit car parks without any need for staff on site.

Parking technology has come a long way since the run of the mill car parking lots that lacked innovation. The days of getting a piece of paper as a parking permit to gain access to a parking lot are slowly coming to an end. New and upcoming technologies, both digital and physical are changing the way drivers park.


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