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Ultimate Guide Amsterdam’s RAI Parking

Worried that parking might ruin your big day out at the RAI Amsterdam? Don’t worry we’ve got it cracked with the “Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam’s RAI Parking”. We’ve got all the top tips for parking including free parking, on-street parking, park & ride and on-demand parking.

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Traditional Car Parks

When it comes to parking at the RAI parking, the first port of call is the on-site car park. With a super modern car park, the RAI’s car park is perfect for all event, concert and conference goers. For bigger events the car park can fill up, so it’s super important to book ahead to avoid disappointment as it can be difficult to source alternative parking.

If the RAI parking is booked out there are other options, including Q-Park’s Symphony Car Park which is an 18 minutes walk away and the daily rate runs to €60. Q-Park’s Ravel Car Park which has a daily max of €55 and the Eurocenter Car Park which costs €30 a day are both within 15 minute walking distance.

If you book RAI Amsterdam Parking online you save 20% on the cost of booking. Cost online is only €20, with cost on arrival being €24. So it’s definitely best to book ahead, save money and guarantee your space. Book online now for the best deals.


Free Parking

Free parking is really love/hate. It has some obvious benefits with real downsides.

First and foremost, free on-street parking close to RAI Amsterdam is nearly impossible to find.

While you might find lots of free on-street parking available in the suburbs particularly around North Amsterdam. The free spaces are often close to people homes so you need to careful not to cause any obstruction. If you are willing to crawl the streets in search of that lucrative free space, there are spaces to be found in the Amstelveen region. However, be prepared to spend 30 minutes on the bus or for a long walk.

The massive issue here is the daily space race. Locals know where the free spaces are and often rise at the crack of dawn to make sure they snap up the space in the nick of time. It’s also worth thinking about security issues often rear their ugly head as cars are frequently damaged causing massive hassle and stress to motorists.

Win-win situation here is if you have a friend living in the area who is happy to let you use their space.

On-Street Parking

On-street parking is sometimes available around the RAI, however people are only allowed to stay for a maximum of three hours and it costs €3 – €4 per hour depending on location.

Around big events at the RAI Amsterdam, different streets are blocked off so that locals are not inconvienced. During these street blocks, neighourbood residents can identify themselves with ID which can be picked up from the RAI desk.

Park & Ride

When events aren’t on the RAI parking is one of Amsterdam’s park & ride hubs but when events are in full swing there are lots of other options if you want to avoid the traffic around the venue.

The RAI has its own train station which is located very close to the the RAI complex and makes it easy to reach the venue from anywhere in the Netherlands. However, the station is under construction until May 2019 and it is best to avoid this station until then.

This means for Park & Ride options it’s best to find somewhere on Metro or Bus routes. Metro 50, 51 & 52 all stop just outside the RAI while Bus route 62 also service the RAI Amsterdam.

Shared Economy

Globally the fastest growing type of parking is being driven by the shared economy. People are starting to realise that all the under-used spaces which lie idle in front of houses and businesses all day every day are the solution to the parking nightmare.

Parkpnp is leading the explosion of shared economy parking in Amsterdam. With a large spread of spaces across the Netherlands, Parkpnp is a one stop shop for your parking needs. Hourly parking is available from as little as €1.

All kinds of spaces are available from residential to commercial and on-street to gated and underground. It’s definitely worth checking out the options to find your perfect parking space, saving you time and money.