About Parkpnp

First things first, we're Irish owned and we couldn't be prouder!
Founded in 2015, Parkpnp has grown from strength to strength.

Our Mission

We aim to revolutionise the way people park. We also want to decrease congestion in city centres and lower carbon emissions by reducing driving time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring parking into the next era. We want to make parking easier for both parking providers and parking users. By designing ways to find, reserve and pay for parking, we make your life easier and city driving more accessible.

What do we do?

The business consists of two elements; residential and commercial. Both we believe are equally important to help solve the parking crisis in Ireland.

Residential: Parkpnp is a marketplace that allows users to list, advertise and generate revenue from their underutilised car parking spaces. The lister has full control of the calendar and can list hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rentals. The lister sets the price and can accept or decline any offers at will.

Through Parkpnp.com and our app, renters can make an average saving of 50% just by booking a space through us. Not only does it give you peace of mind that you know there's a space waiting for you, it also takes away the hassle of rummaging around for spare change to feed the meter.

Commercial: On the commercial side of things, Parkpnp is also used as a tool by parking lot owners, installing hardware and software that allows our app users to enter, exit and pay via their phone.

We are working with some of Ireland's leading car park operators such as Crowne Plaza Hotel Group, where we have installed our hardware/ software solution, that allows operators to advertise their space and create a pre-booking and on-demand ticketless solution. Guests can enter and exit as they please using their phone, removing cash handling and the time wasted at reception collecting their daily parking pass.

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