Turn your empty spaces into extra revenue

Parkpnp grows revenue for hotels across the country by matching motorists with under-used parking spaces.
In the process turning your car park from an operational nightmare to a low maintenance cash cow.

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Increase revenue

Make the most from under-utilised space

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5 Star Parking

Offer a five star parking experience to your guests

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Mobile Payments

Cut cash handling costs with our frictionless mobile payment system

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Reduce Costs

Reduce staff administration costs, saving your team time and saving your business money

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Manage Everything

Improve and simplify parking management through our easy to use online dashboard

Parkpnp is the 21st century response to the changing needs of our parking customers. It allows us to maximise our parking offerings, to both existing and new customers attracted through the Parkpnp platform

Garret O’Neill, GM Crowne Plaza Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we know who's parking?

Your chosen staff members will receive email and SMS confirmation containing the incoming drivers' information. You will also be able to see from a bookings calendar who is parking each day.

How can I make sure there will always be room for my hotel guests?

Within our parking dashboard you can easily adjust the number of parking spaces available to book on Parkpnp. This means you are always in control and can manage demand depending on your hotel guests' needs.