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Make money online from couch

Four Easy Ways To Make Money Without Leaving The Couch

Why does every online guide to making extra cash online seem to resort to recommending hoarding coupons and filling out surveys for next to no money? This quick overview shows four ways to make money easily online. Generating extra cash doesn’t have to groundbreaking, you just need to commit the few minutes to get up and running. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch as your bank balance begins to increase.

1. Rent out your driveway

It’s mad to think that so many homes have a piece of prime real estate right outside their front doors which they never use. Up to 40% of all apartment block parking spaces are never used. Meanwhile motorists spend up to four days a year looking for somewhere to park and when they eventually find a parking space they often pay sky-high rates for the privilege of leaving their car in the space for a few hours.

People often worry that renting out their parking space could be a bit of pain. Transferring fobs, ensuring the space is empty when they get home every day. What people don’t realise is that they can choose the terms of the rental and in fact most people who rent out residential parking spaces are business commuters who use the space for set hours on a regular basis.

Renting out your space on a monthly basis to a local business person can have real benefits. To start it’s a serious chunk of change with the most sought after spaces in Dublin city centre going for in excess of €200 a month. The business person often takes your space on a long-term basis meaning you meet up to give them the fob once and then you might not hear anything for months except the kerrching of the monthly revenue rolling directly into your bank account.

Parkpnp are the market leaders when it comes to renting out your parking space. You’ll have access to Ireland’s largest community of parking hunters within minutes. You can sign up and list your space for free while the cutting edge platform allows you to manage all aspects of communication and payment all in one place. Get started today.

2. Sell all your old books, computer games & DVDs online

Years of buying books, computer games & DVDs has left many households with a secret treasure chest of throwback goodies which have serious earning potential on sites like Amazon & eBay.

Books can be a real gold mine when it comes to making money online, fair enough nearly every household seems to have a copy of the Harry Potter books but if you dig a little deeper you’re sure to have a few books which could collect big prices online. Maybe it’s that poetry book your aunt bought you when you were a teenager which you never even read is now a collectors item selling for €60 a pop online. It’s worth spending 30 minutes checking out the prices for some of your more original titles online. You should pay a special focus to college & school books which can collect surprising large sums online.

Many retro consoles like Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo 64 & Playstation 1 & 2 are now collecting surprising prices online. Particularly if you have some much sought after games to go with them. While of course newer editions like that unwanted Playstation 4 you got for Christmas will be gladly snapped up by bargain hunting shoppers.

DVDs are a bit like books, mainstream run of the mill blockbusters are likely to pick up a few euro here and there but lesser known titles will appeal to collector audiences. That DVD on fishing you bought when you were 14 could now be in midst of an online bidding war. It’s worth giving your cupboard a quick scan to see if you have any golden oldies which will be loved and cherished in a new home.

3. Let out your home for the night

You need your house right? Except for when you visit your friends for the weekend, when you go on holidays, when you’re away on business. We all spend less time in our homes then we think. A tactically planned trip away can go a long way towards covering the cost of rent or the mortgage.

Imagine renting out your house in the middle of Dublin during the St Patrick’s Day weekend while your visiting your parents down home? It’s a bit of a no-brainer. You can even get a cleaner in before and after to take away any concerns of coming back to a lot of housework. While if you’re really stuck for time there are a host of enterprising management companies who manage the whole listing, communication and key transfer process for you, charging a percentage of earnings in the process.

Obviously Airbnb are the leaders in this field but there are a number of big global alternatives which charge cheaper commission rates if you want to shop around.

4. Change your utilities provider

The thought of doing this gives many people a headache and it’s easy to understand why. Hour long phone calls trying to cancel services that you don’t even remember signing up for. However, it’s worthwhile. Most people are paying through the nose for TV, Broadband, Gas, Electricity and Phone. An Irish Times report in 2016 showed that the average household was losing up to €360 a year by not changing gas & electricity provider.

If you want to maximise the cash you need to shop around. Luckily with services such as Switcher.ie make this easier than ever. You can now find savings on all your key utilities in one place making it straightforward to find the best value.


If you want a cheeky fifth way to start saving cash, make sure to shop around for your parking on Parkpnp. You can save up to 70% on your annual parking bill with just a few clicks. If it’s you’re first time here’s a €10 voucher to get you started.


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