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How to get to the Antwerps Sportpaleis?

Antwerps Sportpaleis is a multipurpose arena in Antwerp that regularly hosts concerts, sporting events (tennis or bike racing, for instance) and festivals. It is the largest indoor venue in the whole Europe! Indeed, with its 11 600 square meters and its two floors, the Sportpaleis can host up to 8000 guests. It was renovated and expanded in 2013.

The Sportpaleis was built in 1933 and has since seen the biggest stars perform there: Adele, AC/DC, Lana Del Rey, Bastille, Beyoncé, Bob Dylan, Rammstein, Metallica… just to name a few. You can check their calendar here. Now that you purchased your ticket, you are wondering what is the smoothest way to get to this magnificent arena. Parkpnp has got you covered!

By public transport
-By train
Are you looking to enjoy a drink? Live near public transport hubs? The train is one option. However, be careful and check thoroughly the schedules: the last train often leaves before your concert is finished and you may be left stranded. In addition, you will have to take another public transport from the train station to get to the Arena, so make sure to leave yourself some time. Walk to the Astridplein and take a tram or bus from there.

-By bus or tram
The trams 2, 3, 5, 6 and 12 all stop next to the arena. Antwerps Sportpaleis is served by the premetro station SPORT. The buses 19 and 413 will also lead you there. More information available here.

-By bike
If you live close by, the best solution remains to use your muscles and put your cycling helmet on! Antwerpen is known for its biking culture, so it will not be difficult to find somewhere safe to park your bike: Antwerps Sportpaleis has 660 bike racks right next to the arena. In addition, you will avoid the pollution and the traffic jams.

By car
Some people have no choice but to take the car. Note that the center city of Antwerpen is a low emission zone, and highly polluting cars will be forbidden of entering the area.

-Antwerps Sportpaleis parking
Literally next to the hall are 3 huge car parkings operated by the Sportpaleis. However, they can be quite expensive with traffic regularly being an issue on exit. After the concert, everybody will try to leave by car at the same time, and there is a high risk for you to wait there for at least an hour, just to get out of the parking lot…

-Shared parking spaces
Do you want to get a taste of the shared economy? Would you like to avoid as much as possible the traffic jams when getting out of the Sportpaleis’ parking? Then you should consider renting a parking space from a local. Some of them are very close to the concert hall, others are really cheap: you choose whatever suits you best. Another plus: since you are parking near locals properties, there is more security. You can check all the parking solutions here.

Do not forget to book your parking space to have a nice relaxed evening!

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