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How To Save Money On Car Costs

Looking to cut down on the cost of your car? Parkpnp’s got you covered.

Running cars can be expensive, first you have to buy a car, then insure a car, tax the car, that’s before you even start worring about petrol, servicing, new tyres, NCT and the seemingly endless list of costs which prop up. In fact, the AA estimates it costs up to €12,000 a year to keep the average family car on the road.

This sounds like a massive amount of money, because it is. For an increasing number of people cars are not a necessity, and this is thanks to the growth of urban mobility companies like GoCar and other bike and car sharing services. However, for people who need a car and who are look to reducing the car running costs, there is one category I think you need to have a real look at – parking. The average family car spends a whopping €4,000 a year on parking each year. This is massive when you consider there are a number of simple tips which can save you up to 70% on the cost of your annual parking bill, while also saving you time on your parking.

Online Booking

For many families the weekends are all about getting out to explore the best Dublin has to offer. From museums, nature walks, the cinema and the seaside, Dublin has so much to do. In order to make life as easy as possible many families will plan their activities to the tee with packed lunches and online tickets. However, most people make one key mistake. They forget to book their parking.

The growth of technology, means it’s now easier than ever to book parking spaces online. In fact, most of Ireland’s biggest parking companies use to promote special online deals which will save you up to 70% on the cost of your parking. A day’s parking in Dublin city centre can cost in excess of €25. If the average family was driving to the city centre once a month, they could save almost €200 by simply booking their parking ahead of time. Obviously there is the additional added benefit of a guaranteed parking space.

Monthly Parking

Monthly parking is one of the best hidden secrets in your quest to cut down on car maintenance costs. For a lot of professionals free parking close to town is unfortunately not guaranteed, this means they are constantly on the search for parking spaces to rent.

Increasingly, car parks, businesses and homeowners are beginning to respond to the needs of this market with fixed rate rolling monthly offers. The average city centre motorists will save €100 by switching from pay as you go parking to a more defined monthly parking plan.

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